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Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd

Good quality Micro-emulsion metalworking fluid for sales
Good quality Micro-emulsion metalworking fluid for sales
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Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd

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Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd
切削液技术 金属切削液--选择、配制与使用 金属切削液--选择、配制、使用与管理 切削液与磨削液 金属加工液 现代刀具设计与应用

Company Details:

Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands : Kulunte
No. of Employees : >less than 50
Annual Sales : 10% - 20%
Year Established : 2009
Export p.c : 10% - 20%

 Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Company Profile

Jinan Coolant Technology Company Limited (JCT) was built at the beginning of 2009. Company founder Dr. Liu Zhenchang was a professor and PhD supervisor of Shandong University. Dr. Liu has been engaged in following research areas for more than 30 years: metalworking fluids (MWF), theory and technology of cutting & grinding, green manufacturing and clean production. He had held many nationwide academic positions and had been invited to engage cooperative research in Japan and in the United States. Now he is a member of The National Green Manufacturing Standardization Technical Committee. Dr. Liu published 6 books and more than 100 research papers, which including treatises and (Second edition), translation , and . Those researches and works laid the firm foundation for the development of the company.



JCT is a modern enterprise integrated together with research, manufacturing and trade. JCT has its own factory and laboratory of MWF. JCT holds close relationship in academic exchange and cooperative research with international experts. This ensures the quality and property of JCT’s products always catching up the international advanced level. Now JCT has developed 40 more kinds of MWF products and put them into global market.

2. Main Business Range

(1) R & D of MWF and related equipment, mainly to promote environment-friendly MWF, its concentrates and additive packages.

(2) Bundled contract of customized development, products supply, and maintenance.

(3) Technical contract of cutting fluid concentrated supply system and waste recycling processing system.

3. Product Series

(1) KR series emulsion metalworking oils (6 types in all: extreme-pressure, synthetic, stainless steel specific, aluminum alloy specific, high silicon aluminum alloy specific, and for electrical discharge wire sawing use);

(2) KW Series micro-emulsion MWF (4 types in all: extreme-pressure, synthetic, aluminum alloy specific, and universal type for ferrous metals);

(3) KH series of synthetic MWF (5 types in all: antirust, friction-modifying, cast iron specific, universal type for ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals specific);

(4) KY series oil based MWF (6 types in all: friction-modifying, non-active extreme pressure, active extreme pressure, micro-quantity lubricant, and tapping oils);

(5) Other metal processing agents (water-based antirust fluid, metal cleaner, pressure test liquid);

(6) Additive packages of MWF (4 types for making emulsion oil, 5 kinds for making synthetic cutting fluid, 3 kinds for making cutting oil, 1 type for making water-based antirust fluid, and 1 type of making pressure test liquid);

(7) Cutting fluid additives: 2 kinds of antirust additive, 3 kinds of lubrication additive;

(8) Cutting fluid related equipment: cutting fluid mixer, tilting type movable mixer, cold air jet machine for low temperature cutting.



Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact: Dr. Liu Zhenchang

Office Add.: Room 205, 3# Building, Overseas Innovation Park, 26# Huayang road, Jinan, China

Factory Add.: Xiche Industrial Park, Daqiao Town, Tianqiao District, Jinan, China

Tel: +86-531-88878187, Fax: +86-531-88878187

Mobil phone: +86-18605313564

E-mail: kulunte@163.com

Website: www.cuttingfluid.net, www.coolant.cn, www.kulunte.cn, www.cuttingfluid.cn






Contact Details
Jinan Coolant Technology Co., Ltd

Contact Person: Mr. Liu Zhenchang

Tel: 86-531-88878187

Fax: 86-531-88878187

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